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Does our agency provide transportation?
Yes wherever and whenever possible our agency provides transportation assistance for existing participants of our services to and from programs.

Given that West Niagara is without a public transportation system, our agency realizes that access to services can be limiting without transportation assistance.
Community Living-Grimsby, Lincoln & West Lincoln maintains a fleet of vehicles including wheel-chair accessible vans. For further information about transportation, please contact our office at (905) 563-4115.
Does our agency have a Snoezlen Room?
The Snoezlen Room is a therapeutic and recreational room beneficial to children and adults with sensory, cognitive, intellectual and physical disabilities. It was developed to respond to perceptual needs of individuals with severe learning, sensory and other disabilities.

Snoezlen Rooms are located in a number of our residential homes and at the Hopkins Centre. If families or agencies are interested in accessing the Snoezlen Room for their family member at the Hopkins Centre they are requested to contact (905) 563-4115 for further information.
How does the Special Services at Home program operate?
Families secure their own workers for their child(ren) who qualify under this program. Community Living-Grimsby, Lincoln & West Lincoln reimburses families for the costs incurred through this program. For further information contact your family support worker.
Do we offer Special Services at Home funding or programs?
All applications for first time funding from the Special Services at Home program can be accessed through the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
What kind of jobs do you have available?
Our agency continues to recruit for casual and part-time support worker positions. We offer a competitive wage and benefit compensation to all employees.

If you are interested in employment, you can complete a job application form on line that is available on our website. Alternatively, you can email your resume to hr@cl-grimsbylincoln.ca.
How are you different from the other developmental service providers located in Niagara?
There are 8 non-profit service providers located throughout Niagara that provide community based services and supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities.
These service providers service unique and separate catchment areas. Some of these agencies provide region wide programs that may be available to any individual and their family.

For a list of service providers, please visit DSO Hamilton-Niagara or Contact Niagara
Can I come to visit the services and programs offered through Community Living - Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln?
Yes, you and your family member are more than welcome to visit our agency and the services we provide throughout West Niagara.

Please call the Executive Director, France Vaillancourt, at (905) 563-4115 extension 211 to make arrangements.
Does our agency offer day programs?
Yes, our agency offers a variety of day services including supported and competitive work experiences, life skills and recreational programs and activation activities.

All new applications for day programming or as it is most recently referred to as PASSPORT will be processed through DSO Hamilton-Niagara at 1-877-376-4674
Does our agency offer Emergency Respite Services?

Community Living-Grimsby, Lincoln & West Lincoln is one of two regional children’s respite providers in Niagara. At present, our agency offers planned respite on weekends only.

If there is an immediate and urgent requirement for respite services please make this known to our agency or Contact Niagara.

All new applications for children’s respite will be processed through Contact Niagara at 905-684-3407 or 1-800-933-3617.
Is there a cost for services?
Many of our services are funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and/or the Ministry of Children and Youth Services through the province of Ontario.

Accommodation costs for residential services are the responsibility of the individual or family. These costs include food and rental expenses.

Families are required to cost share and contribute towards the cost of respite services.
How long will I need to wait for services?

Wait times for service are dependent on a variety of factors including the level and type of service requested. Please contact DSO Hamilton-Niagara @ 1-877-376-4674 for all service requests for adults and Contact Niagara for Children’s services and ensure that you inform them of any urgency for service.
How does my family member or friend qualify for services?
All individuals applying for service must have a diagnosis of developmental or intellectual delay. DSO Hamilton-Niagara (for adults) or Contact Niagara (for children) can assist with eligibility determination.
How do I make application for services?
All applications for all services must go through DSO Hamilton-Niagara or Contact Niagara. DSO Hamilton-Niagara's website is located at www.dsontario.ca/agencies/dso-hamilton-niagara or can be reached at 1-877-376-4674. Contact Niagara's website is located at www.contactniagara.org/en/welcome or can be reached at 1-800-933-3617.
Where are we located?
Community Living-Grimsby, Lincoln & West Lincoln provides services and supports to individuals and their family members throughout West Niagara. Our administrative site is located at 191 South Service Road in Grimsby.