Terms of Use

By visiting this website, you agree to Well Preserved terms and conditions as described in detail. If you do not agree with any of the following, you are not authorized to access this website. Any orders submitted through our website will be processed under the consideration that the terms and conditions set here forth are agreed upon.

Comments, Feedback, Inquiries, and Concerns

We encourage customers to contact us with any comments, feedback, inquiries and/or concerns. This information remains private and is property of Well Preserved. We do not sell information (including email addresses) with any third parties. By accessing this website, you have agreed to not submit any illegal, obscene, slanderous, and/or discourteous material.

Upon placing an order and as a courtesy to our customers, we offer a 'comments' section when completing a transaction. You may include any gift messages, questions, concerns, and/or instructions (such as 'do not include packing list' or 'please include invoice') in this section. Orders only contain sales receipts that depict the items that were ordered. If you wish to receive an invoice with information regarding the cost and quantity of the order, you must specify to include the invoice in the 'comments' section. We can, however, email invoices if necessary. After placing an order, if it is necessary, we will contact you via the email provided regarding information left in the 'comments' section.

If for any reason you would like to contact us regarding your order or for any other comments or concerns as mentioned below, please call us at 905-563-4115 x 274, or by email to wellpreserved@cl-grimsbylincoln.ca. Please leave a voicemail message if we are unable to receive your call. If you do not hear a response from us within 72 hours, please contact us again to ensure we have received your inquiry.

Product Availability

Our product availability as displayed on our website is not guaranteed to be in stock. Upon placing your order, you are not immediately charged. This is done as a precaution to ensure your requested order is in stock.

If an order is unable to be fulfilled, we will contact you via email. If we do not receive a response within 2 days of sending the email, we will follow up with a phone call. If you fail to contact us within 7 days after we have sent the first email, we cannot be held responsible if your order is not ready for delivery or pick up; the order will be cancelled and nothing will be charged to the credit card. The customer will be required to submit a new order for any items they wish to purchase along with payment and delivery/pick up information.

You may contact us via email or by phone to personally ensure product availability or additional information.

Delivery/Pick up Information

We always encourage you to pick up your order(s) from our facility, located at 191 South Service Road, Grimsby, ON L3M 4H6. We can also deliver your order(s) to you for a fee, within the Niagara region. Please note that we do not deliver outside of Niagara region. It is the customer’s discretion as to which shipment method is chosen when placing orders over the phone, and the liabilities with doing so as mentioned above are the responsibility of that of the customer.

As a courtesy upon placing an order, we offer customers the option to provide a date and time orders are needed by and a delivery address (if delivery option is selected) in the “comments” section. We will put our best effort to get your order(s) ready by that date; however, this does not guarantee an order will be ready for pick up or delivery on that date or time. You must contact us or call us at least a day before (between 9am and 4pm) to confirm that your order is ready for pick up or delivery.
If you have selected the delivery option, please arrange for an adult to be present when the delivery arrives at your designated location. We understand timing is important, so if you need to reschedule the date, contact us as soon as possible at the phone number listed in your order confirmation. We request a 48-hour notice if you want to reschedule or cancel delivery. You may incur an additional fee if you reschedule less than 24 hours prior to delivery, or if no one is home when the delivery team arrives. If delivery does not take place within 10 business days of the original scheduled delivery date, the order may be treated as a canceled order.

Custom Orders/Gifts

When sending a custom order or gift and as a courtesy to our customers, we will not release the packing slip information within the shipment, and we will ensure all price tags are removed for the recipient, as long as this is specifically requested in the order.

Please note any special instructions in the ‘comments’ section and we will ensure it is taken care of for you. If we notice that the billing and delivery addresses/names differ from each other, we may contact you to confirm if this is a gift and if we should make certain note to include the packing slip information. Do not provide the recipient's email or phone number if the order is a gift; please provide the cardholders information so we may contact the person responsible for the order in the event that there are any issues to be resolved.

Order Cancellation

If you wish to cancel an order with Well Preserved, you must immediately contact us via email or by phone. Please note that once your order has left our facility for delivery, we cannot guarantee reversal of an order that is already in transit.

Exchanges and Damages

All sales processed online and over the phone are final. Please ensure that all sizing and product details are correct before submitting your order.

If you are unsatisfied with your Well Preserved order, you must contact us via email or by phone.

In the unfortunate event that an order is damaged or the incorrect item(s) are shipped, you must contact us via email or by phone. We will use our best efforts to accommodate to each customer regarding this.

Any damaged items must be reported to us within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. After which time, the order will be considered delivered complete and in proper condition. Please note that any items reported as damaged after 48 hours of receiving the order will be handled at the discretion of Well Preserved.

If for any reason you would like to exchange an item, you may do so only while your order is being processed and not shipped. You must contact us to discuss your order status and the exchange so we may ensure the product you wish to receive is in stock, and to confirm with you any price differences and to set new pick up or delivery date. You will be responsible for any additional cost associated with processing and delivery.

Payment Information

Well Preserved products are displayed in Canadian dollars. We do not give quotes in any other monetary forms.

We accept PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. We do not accept Canadian debit cards or personal cheques online.

If you wish to pay by cheque, please call us to make an arrangement. Please let us know if you wish not to receive the receipts within the shipment, and if you would like for us to email these to you instead.

Fraudulent Charges and Declined Credit Card

In the event that we are suspicious of fraudulent credit card activity, we reserve the right to deny orders. If the payment type billing and shipping address do not match, we reserve the right to deny order processing.

In the unfortunate event that the payment type is denied not due to suspicious activity, we will contact you via email. You may be asked to verify the payment type, expiration date, and/or CID number. Please do not send us your full credit card number via email. To ensure customer security regarding a full credit card number, you must contact us by phone.

Further Assistance

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm (Eastern Time). If you cannot reach us via telephone and wish to speak to a customer service representative, please leave a voicemail. You will be contacted as quickly as possible.