Mission - The Community Living - Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln Foundation is dedicated to empowering people with developmental disabilities through funding opportunities.

 If you are searching for a board volunteer opportunity, please consider our Foundation Board of Directors.  Please click here for more information.

  • Marilyn Cornwell


    Marilyn Cornwell is a retired management consultant, with significant experience in strategic planning and business architecture in the provincial government sector. Her experience involved transformation projects in a variety of public and private industry sectors. Her work has enabled organizations to design capabilities, functions and processes, to develop and improve strategic initiative portfolios and projects, to improve performance and service quality, and to implement IT systems.  She has worked on projects to improve the Ontario health care system’s management and operational processes and information.  

  • Christine Hahn


    It was instilled in me at a young age to give back to my community.  Over the years, I have been an active volunteer with a number of organizations.

    I joined the Community Living - Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln Board of Directors in June 2007 and have served as Secretary, Vice President and am currently in my third term as President.  I have been on the Foundation Board since it began.  I was with Scouts Canada for 17 years serving as an administrative scouter at the local, district, regional and provincial levels.  I was with Big Sisters Niagara Falls for 5 years as a Big Sister and a member of the board, and also served on the Board of Big Sisters Hamilton for 5 years.  I have been an active member of my church for many years, spent 7 years on staff for an annual youth conference and have been a Sunday School Teacher, Youth Group Leader and Council Member as well.  I am currently a Warden and Chair of the Council.

  • Judith Meldrum


    Judy Meldrum is a retired resource teacher who continues to have an interest in students who require educational support to maximize their potential. In addition to having an adult daughter who receives service from Community Living - Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln, Judy has served on the Agency’s Board of Directors for eighteen years, including three years as president.

    Judy continues to support Community Living by currently serving on the Foundation Board.  Judy also volunteers at her local church and can sometimes be found behind the counter in the Grimsby Public Art Gallery gift shop. 

    Judy is interested in politics, reading, music, art, movies, yoga and sewing and keeps busy by sewing aprons for Natural Abilities, Community Living’s store in Smithville.

  • Allan Wallace


    Allan Wallace is a Master Warrant Officer (MWO) in the Royal Canadian Air Force and works at the Canadian Forces Environmental Medicine Establishment in Toronto.  He joined the military in 1992, has been posted right across Canada and deployed overseas including the Middle East.  Throughout his career, he has volunteered extensively with different organizations such as the Lung Association, SPCA and St John Ambulance (SJA).  Currently a First Aid Instructor-Trainer with SJA, MWO Wallace teaches dozens of courses each year during the evenings and weekends.  Nearing completion of an MBA in Leadership and Management, he is passionate about human rights and inclusiveness for all, focusing on those with intellectual disabilities.  Allan is proud to be a member of Community Living – Grimsby, Lincoln and Wets Lincoln Foundation Board of Directors.